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Frequently asked questions


- What is the difference with other websites selling the same product ?


- All of our prints include the complete package. 

- These are not simple stickers that are sold here but the shape of your arcade are also printed.

- The Sides Arts are they different from the original arcade cabinet ?


- No, they are identical.

- The color & contrast were adjusted to have the best return original colors.


- How does the vinyl fits when laying it ?


- For a better calibration , 0.5 inch are added on each side of the sides arts.

- In this way you can calibrate your best cut.


- Vinyl is easy to apply it ?


- Yes, you will not encounter any problem to apply it.

- It is advisable to apply it with a soft cloth and cut off the excess with a cutter.


- The vinyl will they fit on all surfaces ?


- On all smooth surfaces , it is advisable to clean the place where the installation of the vinyl will be performed.


- Do you have other sides arts available ?


- Yes, if you have a special request please fill out the contact form on our website.

- A reply will be sent within 24 hours.


- Do you offer custom sides arts ?


- - We can make side art totally different from those sold on the site.

- You have just to send us your request via the Contact tab.

- A reply will be sent within 24 hours.

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